Current version
SimSounds 2.9 (2019-02-03)
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New features:
  • NEW: Speed brakes / spoiler support
  • NEW: Sound for 'Seatbelt' signs and 'No Smoking' signs
  • NEW: Rain only plays when the plane is below or in the clouds
  • NEW: Option to save window position
  • NEW: Connecting to simulator optimized
  • NEW: User interface to adjust FSUIPC request interval
  • NEW: Airport Berlin-Schönefeld / Berlin-Brandenburg
  • NEW: Airport Hong Kong International
  • NEW: Optimizations and some minor bug fixes
Beta versions
SimSounds 2.10 beta 3 (2019-02-19)
Download free trial: 30 days
New features:
  • NEW: Passenger reactions after touch down depending on VS
  • NEW: Option to set minimum speed for bumps
  • NEW: Option to temporary mute continous sounds
  • NEW: Mute cabin by system wide hotkey
  • NEW: Go around detection
  • NEW: ProSim Support
  • NEW: Option to reset your license
  • NEW: Reworked entire software
Previous versions
SimSounds 2.8 (2019-01-04)
Download free trial: 30 days
New features:
  • NEW: Turbulence support (requires Active Sky)
  • NEW: Optimized design
  • NEW: Separate sound cards for speakers, buttkickers and cabin sounds
  • NEW: Assignment for speaker and buttkicker sounds
  • NEW: Flap presets for A320 and 737-800
  • NEW: Option "Always on top"
  • NEW: Common improvements and minor bug fixes
SimSounds 2.7 (2018-12-10)
Download free trial: 30 days
New features:
  • More than 40 new airports
  • Tail strike detection
  • Improved rain sound
  • Option to import a previous version’s configuration
  • Option to name each instance of SimSounds
  • English and German user interface
  • Reorganized folder structure to support language packages
  • Flight state graphic optimized
  • Removed „Boeing 737-800“ during taxi announcement
  • Various optimizations and minor bug fixes
  • Bugfix for version 2.6: Rain sound playing all the time
SimSounds 2.5 (2018-12-2)
Download free trial: 30 days