Current version
SimSounds 3.0 (2019-10-09)
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New features:
  • Free upgrade for SimSounds 2.x customers
  • NEW: Option to support crew packages
  •   Crew package: English Karen Shaw (female) (included for SimSounds 3.0 customers)
      Crew package: English Dee Powell (female)
      Crew package: German/English Michael Stein (male) (included for SimSounds 2.x customers)
      Crew package: German/English Claudia Lange (female)
      Crew package: French/English Sabine Baroux (female)
      Crew package: Portuguese/English Ana Oliveira (female)
  • NEW: Engine support
  • NEW: 28 new airports
  • Keflavik, Cork, Dublin, Shannon, Helsinki, Luxembourg, Belfast, Edinburgh, Vagar, Bergen, Oslo Gardermoen, Trondheim, Warsaw, Krakow, Stockholm Arlanda, Stockholm Bromma, Kiruna, Arrecife Lanzarote, Boston Logan, Minneapolis, Washington Dulles, Portland, Phoenix, Alicante, Nice, Athens, Prague, Geneva Cointrin
Current beta version

Previous versions
SimSounds 2.11 (2019-05-17)
Download free trial: 30 days
New features:
  • NEW: Reverser support
  • NEW: Flightdeck sounds support:
                - Cockpit fans
                - Intercom info: 'Cabin clear' before takeoff
                - Intercom info: 'Passengers fastened' before landing
  • NEW: PMDG 737NGX support (for passenger signs and doors)
  • NEW: Connection to simulator optimized
  • NEW: Several sounds optimized
  • NEW: Optimizations and some minor bug fixes

SimSounds 2.10.1 (2019-04-01)
Download free trial: 30 days
New features:
  • NEW: Passenger reactions after touch down depending on VS
  • NEW: Option to set minimum speed for bumps
  • NEW: Option to temporary mute continous sounds
  • NEW: Mute cabin by system wide hotkey
  • NEW: Go around detection
  • NEW: ProSim Support
  • NEW: Option to reset your license
  • NEW: Reworked entire software
  • NEW: Redesigned graphics
  • NEW: Airport Brussels
  • NEW: Optimizations and some minor bug fixes
  • HOTFIX: 2.10.1: new SimSounds.exe: SimSounds does not detect all defined airports
SimSounds 2.9 (2019-02-03)
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New features:
  • NEW: Speed brakes / spoiler support
  • NEW: Sound for 'Seatbelt' signs and 'No Smoking' signs
  • NEW: Rain only plays when the plane is below or in the clouds
  • NEW: Option to save window position
  • NEW: Connecting to simulator optimized
  • NEW: User interface to adjust FSUIPC request interval
  • NEW: Airport Berlin-Schönefeld / Berlin-Brandenburg
  • NEW: Airport Hong Kong International
  • NEW: Optimizations and some minor bug fixes
SimSounds 2.8 (2019-01-04)
Download free trial: 30 days
New features:
  • NEW: Turbulence support (requires Active Sky)
  • NEW: Optimized design
  • NEW: Separate sound cards for speakers, buttkickers and cabin sounds
  • NEW: Assignment for speaker and buttkicker sounds
  • NEW: Flap presets for A320 and 737-800
  • NEW: Option "Always on top"
  • NEW: Common improvements and minor bug fixes
SimSounds 2.7 (2018-12-10)
Download free trial: 30 days
New features:
  • More than 40 new airports
  • Tail strike detection
  • Improved rain sound
  • Option to import a previous version’s configuration
  • Option to name each instance of SimSounds
  • English and German user interface
  • Reorganized folder structure to support language packages
  • Flight state graphic optimized
  • Removed „Boeing 737-800“ during taxi announcement
  • Various optimizations and minor bug fixes
  • Bugfix for version 2.6: Rain sound playing all the time
SimSounds 2.5 (2018-12-2)
Download free trial: 30 days