System requirements
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11
  • Simulator: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, Prepar3D, FSX
  • Driver: FSUIPC, WideFS - Download here ...
  • Connectivity: Active internet connection required

  • License
  • Download free trial: 30 days
  • Buy on SimMarket

  • Message 'Waiting for simulator'
    Make sure that you've installed FSUIPC for your simulator. FSUIPC is for free and it is somekind of a driver for flight simulators which let add ons like SimSounds connect to your simulator. Download here ...
    MSFS2020: If you still get the message 'Waiting for simulator' make sure that FSUIPC has connected to your simulator.
    Finally try to run SimSounds 'as Administrator'.

    Error 12175 on Windows 7
    If you run Windows 7 and get the message "Error 12175 oocured" you may use Microsoft's EasyFix tool to get SimSounds back to work. Download and run EasyFix as administrator to setup the right SSL protocols for your system.
    Goto Microsoft EasyFix tool and click the blue button there to start the download.

    License limit reached
    If you get the message "License limit reached" please open the menu "SimSounds" - "License key" and reset your license by yourself.

    MSFS2020 doors issue
    Unfortunately, doors are a big problem in MSFS2020. FSUIPC is not able to get the correct state from the simulator ... so SimSounds can't get the correct state of the doors either. On top of that, each manufacturer has its own door logic. If you are familiar with LVars, you can define one of the doors in FSUIPC so that the FSUIPC door offset (0x3367) represents the state of that door. Dealing with LVars is not easy, but it is one way to solve this problem. Another way is to use the door button in SimSounds to switch it from open to closed and vice versa.

    ProSim customers
    Take a look at the ProSim forum to find more informations and solutions.
    Solution example: SimSounds does not show the correct passenger signs state
  • Enable ProSim FSUIPC support driver
  • Define a FSUIPC gate in ProSim: Seatbelt sign: FSUIPC 8 bit U: 0x341D
  • Define a FSUIPC gate in ProSim: No smoking sign: FSUIPC 8 bit U: 0x341C
  • Solution example: Taxi light, Strobes, Reverser (thanks to Bruce)
  • Define a FSUIPC gate in ProSim: Taxi light: FSUIPC 16 bit U: 0x0D0C: set/clear bit 3
  • Define a FSUIPC gate in ProSim: Strobes: FSUIPC 16 bit U: 0x0D0C: set/clear bit 1
  • Solution example: Reversers (thanks to Bruce)
  • Define a FSUIPC gate in ProSim: Reversers left: FSUIPC 64 bit float: 0x207C
  • Define a FSUIPC gate in ProSim: Reversers right: FSUIPC 64 bit float: 0x217C